Il Rumore Bianco is a project born in summer 2012 thanks to Thomas Pessina, Michele Zanotti and Alessandro Danzi. Although the main referring genre is certainly progressive rock, a very important contribution is brought by jazz, electronic, ambient, post-rock and experimentation. From this perspective, the band created a peculiar and personal style that could be labeled within the post-progressive rock category.

By the end of 2013, the band released the debut EP Mediocrazia. Along the almost 30 minutes covered by its 4 tracks, this first record lays the foundations of the band’s sound, supported by the social and introspective themes touched by lyrics. The release of Mediocrazia was positively accepted and it was followed by a series of live performances throughout Northern Italy.

Meanwhile, the band worked hard on its music and, although a series of personal events delayed its preparation, the second album Antropocene was recorded at Sotto Il Mare Recording Studios (Verona, Italy), released in late 2016 for Fading Records and distributed by Ma.Ra.Cash Records.

Alessandro Zara - lead vocals
Michele Zanotti - guitars, sax
Giacomo Banali - guitars
Thomas Pessina - keyboards, synth
Alessandro Danzi - bass guitar
Pietro Pizzoli – drums